The one show I can’t stop binge watching

I’ve said it time and time again how much I enjoy watching tv. The first show I every binge watched was Friends. The funniest part is I watched it on the sketchiest website ever. It was one of those sites that has lots of ads and you’re one click away from giving your computer a virus. And I actually did end up getting a virus on my computer, but even a virus could stop, I continued to watch the show. Eventually I finished the show and then I was left in that post show depression that I would later find myself in many times over. Fast forward two or three years Friends was finally added to Netflix. From there I watched the series from being to end at least 5-6 times. Now I did take breaks in between to watch other shows but I always ended up coming back to Friends.

I think what attracts me to the show so much, is the fact that it’s a feel good show. It funny, and I find it very relatable. I find comfort in watching the charcters going through life changes, loosing jobs, changing careers and finding love. I also see myself in bits of each of the chapters which is pretty funny too.

Now since I have watched the show so much over the years, I find myself enjoying it a little bit more now because I understand some of the adult humor a lot more than I did when I first started watching the series when I was in high school.

While I am a major fan of the show, I am highly aware of the shows faults that have come to light over the past couple of years. The biggest thing being the shows’ lack of diversity. Of course anyone with common sense can watch at least one or two episodes and notice that something isn’t right there. But with its flaws its core is still good.

I started re watching it a couple of months ago and realized that I am now the same age as the characters when they start the show. I think at that point I started to relate to the journey of that twenty something lifestyle and trying to get through life the best you can. I feel like every time I watch the show I laugh and learn something new too.

*Fun fact: I have a t-shirt with this photo on it*

Favorite Character: Chandler Bing aka Matthew Perry

Favorite Episode(s):

Season 4 Episode 12: The One with the Embryos

Season 6 Episode 24 and 25: The One with the Proposal Part 1 and 2

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