Bidding farewell to online dating

I blog a lot about my dating life or lack thereof. I first started my online dating journey when I was 18 during my freshman year of college. Six years later I can proudly say that I’m done. After the many failed “talking” periods, more ghosting than I can count and lots of heartbreak I have said farewell to all of my dating profiles. Now I should say that while most of the experiences I. had during my six years of online dating were bad, I did have a few and I mean a few good ones sprinkled in there.

I came to this conclusion that it ws time for me to delete my profiles after I had gotten ghosted by a guy that I had been talking to for about a week. We were both pretty busy but were trying to coordinate our schedules so we could figure out when we could meet in person. We had decent conversation and what I felt was a mutal like for each other. So when I looked at the app that we met on to see that he had unmatched us and unfriended me on Snapchat I knew it was over. Like usual I was disappointed but a lightbulb went off in my head and and something in my heart told me that this was a sign that this wasn’t for me.

After I realized I had gotten ghosted I Facetimed my best friend to give her the rundown and she agreed with my decision. Granted she’s been telling me for a really long time that she didn’t think that online dating was for me. But normally when our friends and family tell us to do one thing we usually do the opposite.

So now that chapter of my life is over. It is actually kind of freeing. I don’t have that anxious feeling wondering if a cute guy is going to match with me, or feel bad if someone doesn’t reply to my message. Or even worse I don’t have to get really sad when a guy (who doesn’t really matter anyway) ghosts me. I realize its better this way better for me, my heart and my mental health.

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